2pcs Cruiser 2 3MP/5MP Vehicle Detection

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Definition : 3MP 2K
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5MP 3K

Ensures that you get high-quality images and videos

Intelligent Detection

Human, vehicle and motion Detection

Smart Color Night Vision

Identify intruders more effectively during the night.

Active Deterrence

Spotlight, siren and APP push

IP66 Rating

Withstand rain, snow, hot weather, and dust

Two-way Talk

Speak to someone around in real-time

360° Coverage

Complete coverage of the area under surveillance

Diversified Storage

Supports cloud storage and the 256GB Micro SD card (not included)

Excellent Connection

Support ethernet port/ 2.4GHZ Wifi

Customizable Deterrence Sound

Customize deterrent sound to scare off intruders

Precise Detect

Precise AI by IMOU SENSE™

IMOU SENSE™ is a self-developed AI algorithm under the IMOU brand, including video, audio, navigation, and perception algorithms, the usage of cutting-edge technology in the industry allows your IMOU device to be up to 50% more accurate than ordinary products.

Accurate human and vehicle detection

Cruiser 2 can identify cars with a big range of 44m (22m for human). Not-allowed parking and vehicle scratching can trigger notification to you immediately and record video instantly.

360° Smart tracking

Keep an eye on every angle and swiftly track the movement of vehicle without missing important information.

Customizable detection zone

Cruiser 2 can tailor your surveillance to perfection by defining specific areas for monitoring, ensuring heightened accuracy.

Easeful View

5MP catches more vivid detail

5MP/3K have more 137% details than 1080p/FHD, which makes the evidence more convincing.

30m Smart color night vision

You can switch the 3 night vision modes (infrared / color / smart), or turn them off at any time. With night vision up to 30m and 8x zoom, the image is full color and freely zoomable, allowing you to see further and more clearly.

*Smart mode:The camera will automatically turn into color mode from infrared mode when suspicious motion is detected

Continuous 24/7 recording

View multiple device simulately

Share live fun videos with friends

Effective alert

Strong deterrence with custom alarm & spotlight

When an intruder is detected, spotlight & DIY siren will scare the potential burglar away.

Two-way talk, like face-to-face

Instant, hands-free communication, allowing you to interact with your surroundings in real-time.

Reliable Device

Reliable in extreme weather with IP66

30-day Cloud Storage(IMOU Protect) Free Trial

What's IMOU Protect advantage?

Don't fret about storage or theft worries

Enjoy peace of mind with up to 30 days of video storage, without worrying about running out of space. IMOU Protect offers an extra layer of data security, safeguarding your footage from both thieves and hackers.

Advanced Al detection

Support human, vehicle, pet, parcel detection and screening. You can set up to receive notification of the information you want to reduce disturbance

*note: Cruiser 2 can detect human and motion by default.

Share the device up to 20 people

All the IMOU's users can share the device to 6 people by default. By IMOU Protect, you can share it up to 20 people. This allows you to develop more creative uses.

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