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Steps to use the license key

Step 1

Place the order and input billing e-mail address correctly. Return won't be accepted once the order is confirmed .

Step 2

You will get the code on the order page or in your e-mail.

Step 3

Copy the code and paste it to Imoulife app following the steps below. Then start enjoy IMOU Protect.


Get more video and smarter alerts

IMOU Protect is a subscription service that is able to empower your IMOU products with advanced cloud computing technology and upgrade your security experiences.


Cloud Storage

Say goodbye to the storage limitation and damage risk of traditional SD cards, the cloud storage included in IMOU Protect allows you to save and share all of your important moments for up to 30 days, and we make your privacy our number one priority.

Damage Worry-free

Your data is safer, the recording will be kept in the cloud even your camera or SD card is broken or stolen.

Unlimited Storage

IMOU Protect provides you with unlimited¹ space in the cloud server for 7 days or 30 days, no matter how big the files are. No worries about important information lost when SD card storage is not enough.

Smooth Playback

The down streaming speed is faster from the cloud than directly down streaming from the SD card, more fluid experience is guaranteed.


Enhanced AI Detection

Based on the supercomputing power in the cloud, IMOU Protect can provide more than 200 times the computing power of the built-in chip for all cameras. It also can amplify the object types that can be detected. With elevated accuracy, you won’t be bothered with false alarms.

Package detection

Vehicle detection

Pet detection

Sound detection

Human detection


More convenience

Show you the full picture of your security status, with IMOU Protect, you will get to know how many alerts are triggered every day.

Share Device to More Users

Share your device control permission with more family members or friends, with IMOU Protect, you can share the notification, cloud recordings, and even device management with up to 20 people, make sure that your property or loved ones have all round protection and bring peace of mind to everyone.

Security Report

Show you the full picture of your security status, with IMOU Protect, you will get to know how many alerts are triggered every day.

Download SD Card Recordings Remotely

Can’t be bothered more with plugging the SD card into your computer every time when you want to download recording footage? IMOU Protect provides you the benefit of downloading recordings remotely without removing the SD card.


Protecting your privacy is our first priority

Your privacy is ensured. IMOU Protect complies with ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, and ISO 27701 international information security standards, and has passed the IoT Service Privacy Protection test and has CSA STAR cloud security certification3 to protect your privacy of personal information to the greatest extent.

Customer Reviews

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Halima HQ
Belle découverte !

Enfin j ai trouvé la camera que je voulais ! La Cell go qui se charge et peut être posée ou fixée n importe où. L autonomie est au top : j ai testé sur une semaine et il restait +80% de charge.
Ensuite j ai acheté la Ranger RC que je destine à mes parents : une touche pour m appeler directement sur mon tel. Elle suit la cible, enregistre, alerte avec une alarme qu on peut ajuster... Vraiment je suis heureuse d avoir découvert IMOU ! La QUALITÉ est excellente !

prodotto buono

attualmente sono soddisfatta, unica pecca come già segnalato pc non in italiano

Camera 5mp

Appena montata , vengo da un modello simile a 4mp , questa ha ovviamente più risoluzione, l'immagine é molti più nitida se si zoomma si riesce a capire bene chi é.

bi df
rapide et facile

après avoir payé, j'ai reçu l'e-mail instantanément.
la vitesse est incroyable.