Cell PT 360° PTZ 3MP 2K 100% Wireless

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Kits: 3MP 2K with Solar Panel
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See the world in 2K

Cell PT delivers 2K QHD high resolution so you won't miss a single detail.

280 days of autonomy with an additional battery

The large 15,000mAh battery lasts up to 280 days* and has a USB-C port for fast charging.

Unlimited protection thanks to the solar panel

The Cell PT can also be connected to a solar panel for unlimited autonomy** to keep your security system running 24/7.

360° protection with pan and tilt function

Full 360-degree coverage, intelligent auto-tracking technology ensures you never miss a corner.

Light up the night with intelligence

Cell PT can set different night vision modes to suit your needs, so whether you want the night vision to remain in colour all the time or only turn on in colour when there's an event to save energy, it can always satisfy you.

*Smart mode: The camera will automatically turn into color mode from infrared mode when suspicious motion is detected.

More effective PIR human detection

Cell PT will activate the video algorithm for people detection when motion is detected, ensuring effective detection and long battery life.

Two-way communication for seamless security

Deter intruders with powerful sound and light, while maintaining real-time communication when strangers approach.

Quick installation with just one hand

With a simple push of one hand, your Cell PT is now installed, and it only takes one click to take it off.

Professional protection to weather any storm

With IP66 water-resistance, Cell PT is able to against dust penetration and can easily handle rain and wind, keeping you safe around the clock.

Favorite point setting

Customizable detection area

Protection scheduling

Safe & diversified storage without any mandatory subscription

*280-day autonomy is based on 20 videos of 15 seconds per day, and actual autonomy may differ.
**The device consumes 0.34 Wh when 60 event videos are triggered per day; the 3 W and 7 W solar panels charge 3.6 Wh and 8.4 Wh respectively under direct sunlight at midday, so based on this calculation the Cell PT can achieve unlimited battery life, actual usage may differ.

30-day Cloud Storage(IMOU Protect) Free Trial

What's IMOU Protect advantage?

Don't fret about storage or theft worries

Enjoy peace of mind with up to 30 days of video storage, without worrying about running out of space. IMOU Protect offers an extra layer of data security, safeguarding your footage from both thieves and hackers.

Advanced Al detection

Support human, vehicle, pet, parcel detection and screening. You can set up to receive notification of the information you want to reduce disturbance

*note:Cell PT can detect human and motion by default.

Share the device up to 20 people

All the IMOU's users can share the device to 6 people by default. By IMOU Protect, you can share it up to 20 people. This allows you to develop more creative uses.

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