[Cruiser 2 + Rex 3D] 5MP/3MP Outdoor + Indoor Kit

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Definition: 3MP 2K
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Rex 3D & Cruiser 2

Latest tech: 5MP ultra clear

24/7 recording

Rex 3D & Cruiser 2 both support functions

Rex 3D: Indoor

Adorable Moments Unleashed

Experience the perfect harmony of Pet/Kid Detection and real time monitoring, instant notification, intelligently capturing every adorable moment of your pets and children.

Heartfelt Connections

Intelligently tracking movements and featuring a two-way talk function, this system not only actively deters potential threats but also provides comprehensive protection for your peace of mind.

 Guardian in Motion

Rex 3D can patrol 360° rotationally or according to set favorite points at defined points in time, always guarding your family members.

Cruiser 2: Outdoor

Focused Surveillance

Precisely identify vehicle/person in customized detection zone, enabling you to monitor relevant activities without receiving bothersome false alerts.

Active Defense for Peace of Mind

Seamless movments tracking as someone approaches, lights activates to deter intruders, and the ability to engage in real-time dialogue with suspicious individuals.

Day & Night Vigilance

Experience seamless surveillance day and night with Cruiser 2's 30m smart color night vision capability and robust IP66-waterproof performance, ensuring all-weather monitoring to keep you informed around the clock.

*Smart mode:The camera will automatically turn into color mode from infrared mode when suspicious motion is detected

Safe & diversified storage without any mandatory subscription

What's IMOU Protect advantage?

Don't fret about storage or theft worries

Enjoy peace of mind with up to 30 days of video storage, without worrying about running out of space. IMOU Protect offers an extra layer of data security, safeguarding your footage from both thieves and hackers.

Advanced Al detection

Support human, vehicle, pet, parcel detection and screening. You can set up to receive notification of the information you want to reduce disturbance.

Share the device up to 20 people

All the IMOU's users can share the device to 6 people by default. By IMOU Protect, you can share it up to 20 people. This allows you to develop more creative uses.

Customer Reviews

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pascal Goyaud

Correspond à mes besoins et fonctionne parfaitement.

Frederic K
Cruiser 2

Très satisfait, 8 eme caméra en 3 ans.