Secure Home Pair

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Definition: 5MP 3K
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Secure Home Pair

Comprehensive Home Surveillance

As a vigilant guardian for your home, the Secure Home Pair offers [5MP High-Resolution] video, ensuring that every part of your home is clearly visible in any lighting. With [Smart Auto Tracking] and [360° Pan & Tilt], there are no blind spots; whether it's children playing in the backyard or pets running around the yard, every corner is securely monitored.

Nighttime Security Guard

At night, the [Smart Color Night Vision] feature of the Secure Home Pair transforms your cameras into relentless security guards. They capture clear color images even in the darkest conditions, while the [Human Detection] function accurately identifies human forms, ensuring that only genuine intruders trigger the alarm system.

Vacation Home Protection

Whether you're enjoying a vacation or away for business, the Secure Home Pair stands guard over your home. With **[Smart Color Night Vision]** and **[Human Detection]**, you receive alerts for any suspicious activities. The **[Active Deterrence]** feature lets you remotely trigger alarms, keeping your home secure from any distance. Enhanced with **[24-Hour Recording]**, you can view live footage in real-time and set **[Custom Security Schedule]** for uninterrupted surveillance. Your home remains under constant protection, no matter where you are in the world.

Monitoring of outdoor activity areas

For those with outdoor barbecue areas or swimming pools, the Secure Home Pair's [360° Pan & Tilt] and [IP66 Weather-resistant] capabilities ensure comprehensive monitoring, even in the changeable conditions of outdoor environments.

Real-time Interaction and Deterrence

When you're not home, stay in control with Secure Home Pair cameras. Set a [Custom Security Schedule] ensuring your property is monitored at the times that matter most. And if [Active Deterrence] senses an intruder, the siren will activate, sending a clear message to would-be trespassers while alerting you via the app. The [Two-way Talk] feature lets you converse in real-time with anyone near your property.

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