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Pet Care

Never Miss a Moment with 24/7 Uninterrupted Monitoring

As a pet owner, you'll love being able to keep a close eye on your pet's daily activities and playtime. Keeping them in camera’s vision can be a challenge. With Pet Care camera's [360°pan & tilt] and [smart tracking] capabilities, you'll always have a clear view of your pet without any blind spots. IMOU Pet Care camera ensures you'll never be tired for searching them.

Offering two resolution options, [5MP and 3MP], Pet Care camera provides 137% and 63% more detail than 1080P. Even when you zoom in up to 8 times, it's as if your pet is right beside you, capturing every precious moment with clarity.

Curious about how your pet slumbers at night? Or perhaps you're eager to catch a glimpse of pet's midnight adventures? With Pet Care camera's [advanced infrared night vision], you can see them clearly even in the dark. It allows for uninterrupted [24/7] monitoring and recording without disturbing your pet's sleep or activities.

Train Your New Family Member Remotely

Train your new pet effectively with the Pet Care camera's innovative system. Even when you're not home, set [Custom Detection Zones] to activate your [Custom Alarm Voice], guiding your pet to avoid off-limits areas. Stay connected with smartphone alerts that track your pet's development. The [Two-Way Talk] feature allows you to have clear, face-to-face-like conversations, ensuring you never miss a moment, no matter where you are.

Protect Your Precious Pets from Unwanted Intruders

Ensure your pets' safety with the Pet Care camera, designed to keep a watchful eye on your home. The [Panoramic Tour] feature provides a [360° surveillance], and you can set up [Favorite Tour] routes for detailed monitoring. Set a [custom schedule] for daily peace of mind, and receive instant alerts if someone ventures into the monitored area.
If your pet barks due to an emergency—whether frightened or hurt—the [abnormal sound detection] will activate, sending you instant notifications and [Two-way Talk] issuing a warning to deter the intruder to minimize any potential loss.
For privacy at home, the system auto-disables at your [pre-set scheduled], and the camera can be physically shielded for complete peace of mind.

Car Care

Clear Surveillance & Intelligent Night Vision

The Car care camera's [smart night vision] toggles between infrared and white light for optimal clarity. IMOU respect your neighbors' peace while ensuring that potential intruders are clearly captured upon an incident. Its night vision operates in infrared to avoid disturbance, but switches to clear, deterrent colored night vision upon detecting suspicious activity, ensuring high-resolution surveillance. With [5MP/3MP] resolution options, you can [zoom 8x] in significantly without losing image quality, capturing every detail for your security needs.

Protect your driveway with ease

Protect your driveway with [detection of vehicles] that alerts you when unauthorized vehicles enter your [Custom Detection Zone]. Respond with a customizable alarm, like a police voice, and the [two-way talk] feature for a polite resolution. Keep your driveway clear with ease.

Ensure Comprehensive Security with Detailed Evidence

The Car Care camera safeguards your home and vehicle with [360° surveillance] and [smart tracking], capturing detailed evidence of any intruder and aiding quick police response.
[24/7 continuous recording] allows you to review every detail before and after any occurrence for crucial insights and you can [Share Access] to keep your family in the loop on home security.

Enhanced Security with Reliable Signal Coverage

The Car Care camera supports both [2.4GHz Wifi] and [Ethernet cable] options, extending stable connectivity to every corner of your home.

Safe & Diversified Storage Without Any Mandatory Subscription

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