Home & On-the-Go Guardian Kit

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Definition: 3MP 2K
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At the Gate

Long-term protection and Worry-free journey

As a handy assistant during holidays or trips, it has a powerful battery of up to 5000mAh that provides up to 120 days of long-lasting protection. Protect any corner of your home/garden.

Real-time monitoring, Abnormal person detection

When you are out, you can use the camera to monitor the main entrance of the doorway. its [3MP resolution] is enough to monitor the detail of doorway circumstance. If some suspicious people are near the doorway, its [human detection] will response quickly and alarm him away from your doorway. Meanwhile, your phone will notice you [real-time view] what has happened.

No worries about rain or snow, protect with peace of mind

This camera has [IP65 waterproof and dustproof rating], so you don't need to worry about whether it's during rainy or snowy days.

In the Room

3MP night vision, Baby sleeps peacefully

This camera is [compact and easy to install]. Even you can use it to keep an eye on your baby's actions and demeanour to give parents peace of mind. With [infrared night vision] capability, you can also check your baby at any time, even in the dark can clearly present the baby's lovely face, without affecting the baby's sleep.

Traveling / Partying

Create beautiful memories during your trip

When traveling or gathering with friends, you may want to record beautiful scenery and moments. This portable surveillance camera [requires no power cord], making it ideal for taking on the go. Even [without an Internet connection], you can easily shoot videos to capture the joy and warmth of the moment. Let you record precious memories anytime and anywhere. You can also transfer videos to friends through [hotspots].

Camp with peace of mind and protect nature

Install security cameras around your campsite to use [active deterrence] to keep unwanted guests and wildlife away. At the same time, This camera can immediately [alarm and warn] to ensure the safety of campers.

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