Elderly Care Kit

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Definition: 3MP 2K
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At the Porch/Entrance

Monitoring and lighting 2-in-1

This bulb camera can be used as a camera and a smart bulb. When it detects you are back home or attempt to go upstairs or open the lock of the door, it will provide 350 lumens of light to facilitate your movement.

Real-time alerts help you live a safe life

Install a porch camera for [real-time alerts] when strangers or vehicles approach. Receive [notifications through the app] to avoid unnecessary walking for the elderly.

Remote access control interaction

When a courier or visitor arrives at the door, you can remotely [view the real-time screen] of the door and have a [two-way conversation] with the other party to understand the purpose of the visit. The elderly can [share] this camera with their children. Their children can help communicate with the visitors if the elderly are not available.

In Living room/ Bedroom

Pay attention to the safety of the elderly in real time and respond to emergencies

This indoor camera can monitor the activities of the elderly in real time. When they need to call their children for help, such as finding medicines, they can use [one-touch call] to communicate with their children in [two-way talk]. If parent falls, this camera can perform [sound detection], and [push APP information] to children's phones. Their children can check the elderly's condition [in real time] for the first time.

Comprehensive and intelligent monitoring of the elderly

This camera provides [360° panoramic] monitoring and can [automatically track] the elderly’s movements indoors. By [setting dangerous areas] such as balcony, attic and [issuing alarm prompts], the elderly can be warned in time to ensure their safety.

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