2pcs Cruiser SE+ 4MP Kit

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Definition: QHD 2.5K 4MP
Accessories: None


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Guard property with clear live video

QHD 2.5K 4MP with 8x zoom

QHD 2.5K 4MP almost has 2 times details than 1080p 2MP. It makes you recognize stranger's face and vechicle' license plate number more easily with 8x zoom.

30m Smart color night vision

You can switch the 3 night vision modes (infrared / color / smart), or turn them off at any time. With night vision up to 30m and 8x zoom, the image is full color and freely zoomable, allowing you to see further and more clearly.

*Smart mode:The camera will automatically turn into color mode from infrared mode when suspicious motion is detected

24/7 endless recording

It supports continuous recording 24/7 to avoid missing anything. You can monitor in real-time or review historical footage on your phone.

Compatible with Alexa

Hands-free voice control. Turn the device on or off by saying a few words when your hands are busy.

Protect your home like you are there

360° Coverage & auto tracking

Experience 360° coverage with Cruiser SE+'s 355° horizontal and 90° vertical movement, which ensures that every corner is captured effortlessly. When your children play in the garden, the camera automatically tracks their movement seamless and delay-free, preserving their joyful moments.

Customizable detection region & alarm schedule

You can precisely define monitoring areas to reduce false alarms and set different alarm schedules for different times. For example, you can set the front yard monitoring to activate only at night or focus solely on specific areas like the garage entrance.

AI human detection

With upgraded AI algorithm, the camera can quickly identify people with different sensitivities, and immediately sends a notification to your smartphone. It helps reduce false alarms caused by rain/light/insect by 95%.

Share the device

You can share your baby / pets' video with your family and monitor the recorded happy moments together.

Not only searching information after the fact

Sound & light alarms

Equipped with two powerful LED lights and a built-in siren, Cruiser SE+ camera automatically activates bright illumination and sounds the siren upon detecting motion or a person, effectively deterring unwelcome visitors

Real-time notifications

Receive instant photo notifications directly on your phone or computer, ensuring you're always in the know about any events happening at home in real-time.

Two-way audio

With the built-in microphone and speaker, you can communicate with your familyor, dissuade unwelcome guests, as well as answer the delivery person for contactless delivery.

Flexible installation fits yard, garden, garage, store etc.

IP66 Waterproof

The camera can withstand a wide range of environments from -20°C to 50°C (- 4°F to 122°F), even in extreme weather conditions.

2.4GHz Wi-Fi & upgraded dual antenna

The outdoor camera has 2 upgraded antennas for better Wi-Fi connection stability and supports up to 100m Wi-Fi connection distance in open area.

*the real Wi-Fi connection distance depends on the concrete building environment.

100Mbps Ethernet Port for more stable signal

It can work with all NVRs that support Onvif protocol. It makes you easily record for much longer time.

Safe & diversified storage without any mandatory subscription

30-day Cloud Storage(IMOU Protect) Free Trial

What's IMOU Protect advantage?

Don't fret about storage or theft worries

Enjoy peace of mind with up to 30 days of video storage, without worrying about running out of space. IMOU Protect offers an extra layer of data security, safeguarding your footage from both thieves and hackers.

Advanced Al detection

Support human, vehicle, pet, parcel detection and screening. You can set up to receive notification of the information you want to reduce disturbance

*note: Cruiser SE+ can detect human and motion by default.

Share the device up to 20 people

All the IMOU's users can share the device to 6 people by default. By IMOU Protect, you can share it up to 20 people. This allows you to develop more creative uses.

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Customer Reviews

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Caméra Cruiser SE 4MP

J'ai 2 caméras Cruiser SE 4MP chez moi, à l'extérieur. Installation et configuration très facile. Quelques difficultés par la suite par rapport aux paramètres de chacune des caméras. Quelques jours ont été nécessaires pour paramètrer les caméras. Au final, très bonnes caméras, je recommande particulièrement.

Alfredo Ruocco

2pcs Cruiser SE+ 4MP Kit

stefano Mariani

Molto buone semplici da installare

Jean-Marie Lorenzon
Très satisfait

Bon produit et conforme à mes attentes

Roberto Salis

2pcs Cruiser SE+ 4MP Kit