360° Energy-saving Kit

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Definition: 2pcs [3MP 2K with Solar Panel] Kit
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In Courtyard

No Fear About Power Outage, Capturing Every Detail of Nature

This camera, boasting a [3MP] sensor, delivers sharp details and vibrant colors, capturing every subtle change in natural landscapes with clarity. With an [8x digital zoom], you can bring distant scenes up close.you can see more details. Fear not about power outages, as this camera is [powered by solar energy or battery], it operates seamlessly regardless of weather conditions, ensuring continuous recording of every precious natural moment.

Keep Child's Safety Always Within Reach

Cette caméra offre une fonctionnalité [couverture à 360°] pour une couverture complète de votre espace extérieur, vous permettant de surveiller le temps de jeu de vos enfants en [temps réel] depuis n'importe quel appareil intelligent. Avec la technologie de [suivi intelligent], elle suit automatiquement leurs mouvements et vous alerte s'ils s'approchent des zones dangereuses que vous avez pré-définies. Plus, la [conversation bidirectionnelle] vous permet de parler avec clarté pour les guider loin du danger. De plus, la [détection de sons anormaux] de notre caméra vous notifie immédiatement de tout son inhabituel, comme une chute ou des pleurs d'enfant, vous assurant de ne jamais manquer un moment de leur sécurité.

Night Vision and Multi-Device Sharing the Lawn Party

At your lawn party, this camera's [360° coverage] and advanced [smart night vision] feature, ensuring every corner of your gathering is under watchful surveillance. With the [real-time monitoring] feature, you can watch and participate in the activities of your family and friends no matter where they are gather in the yard. Moreover, the multi-device sharing capability lets you [share the live feed video] with other family members, allowing them to feel the joy of the gathering even if they can't be there in person.

On Driveway/Porch

Guardian of Your Driveway

Establish a [detection zone] around your vehicle and rest easy knowing that during the preset hours, any approach will [trigger an alert] on your phone. At that moment, you can instantly access the live video stream. If the frequently-viewed surveillance points can not be covered by one camera view, you can [pre-save] them and quickly switch monitoring angles.

Protect Against Intruders

Nothing disrupts peace of mind more than the threat of unauthorized entry. But now, with this camera, you can rest easy knowing your home is under vigilant watch.The [smart night vision] pierces , providing clear visuals of any movement, ensuring no corner of your property is left unmonitored. When the [human detection] senses an unusual presence, the [active deterrence] mechanism is triggered, emitting a powerful warning and flashing lights designed to deter any potential intruders effectively.

Real-Time Monitoring for Package Protection

Equipped with [human detection], it accurately identifies the arrival of a courier and promptly alerts you. Whether you're at home or not, the [two-way talk] feature connects you instantly for a real-time conversation, allowing you to guide the delivery person to safely place your package. Every important delivery moment is captured and can be [securely stored]. This ensures you can review and confirm the delivery at your convenience, providing a hassle-free package reception experience.

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