Ranger Dual 5MP/3MP+3MP

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Definition: 3MP (PT) + 3MP (Fixed)
Accessoires: None
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Key areas monitoring 24/7: The fixed lens allows continuous monitoring of key areas.

Auto tracking: The PT lens supports horizontal and vertical rotation control, which also support to smart track moving targets.

The user can watch both real-time live-views or video records on the APP at the same time, ensuring there is no dead zone.

Precise & Swift Detect

Precise AI by IMOU SENSE™

IMOU SENSE™ is a self-developed AI algorithm under the IMOU brand, including video, audio, navigation, and perception algorithms, the usage of cutting-edge technology in the industry allows your IMOU device to be up to 50% more accurate than ordinary products and delivering the detection results back to you within 0.02 seconds.

Accurate human and pet detection

Ranger Dual can quickly find human/pet targets in images and immediately sends a notification to your smartphone. For pet lover, Ranger Dual can continuously monitor the feeding area. Once your dog is detected approaching, our system will immediately send a notification to your mobile phone. In addition, Ranger Dual can also send notification when abnormal sound is detected, such as baby crying.

Less interruption with customizable detection zone and alarm schedule

Watch your pets during the day when you're out and focus on monitoring the doorway at night when you're sleeping. Customize the detection zone and alarm schedule for precise monitoring and notifications.

Easeful View

3MP, 5MP catches more vivid detail

Ranger Dual has 3MP fixed lens and 3MP/5MP (optional) PT lens. 3MP is 63% clearer than 1080P, and 5MP is 137% clear than 1080P.

5MP/3MP Pan & Tilt lens is able for a clearer view of potential risk points. Zoom in without losing any detail.

IMOU First Indoor Smart Night Vision Camera

The both lenses support crystal clear infrared night vision. The PT lens also supports Four Smart Night Vision Modes, which provides clear full-color or black-and-white pictures even in complete darkness.

*Smart mode: The camera will automatically turn into color mode from infrared mode when suspicious motion is detected.

Privacy mode

Sometimes, you need a privacy area without any monitor. Simply activate "Privacy Mode" with just one touch, it will automatically stop monitoring, protecting your privacy.

Favorite point setting

If the frequently-viewed surveillance points can not be covered by one camera view , you can pre-save them and quickly switch monitoring angles.

Share live fun videos with friends

You can share a device with up to 6 people (without a subscription).

Effective Alert

Strong deterrence with custom alarm & spotlight

When an intruder is detected, spotlight & DIY siren (eg. Pre-recorded police sirens) will scare the potential burglar away.

Two-way talk, like face-to-face

Instant, hands-free communication, allowing you to interact with your surroundings in real-time. For example, you can talk to your children when you are away.

Reliable Device

Works with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and Ethernet port

Storage in flexibility

Essai gratuit de 30 jours de stockage cloud (IMOU Protect)

What's IMOU Protect advantage?

Don't fret about storage or theft worries

Enjoy peace of mind with up to 30 days of video storage, without worrying about running out of space. IMOU Protect offers an extra layer of data security, safeguarding your footage from both thieves and hackers.

Advanced AI detection

Support human, vehicle, pet, parcel detection and screening. You can set up to receive notification of the information you want to reduce disturbance.

*note: Ranger Dual can detect human and motion by default.

Share the device up to 20 people

All the IMOU's users can share the device to 6 people by default. By IMOU Protect, you can share it up to 20 people. This allows you to develop more creative uses.

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