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Ranger IQ is the world’s first AIoT home security camera

Imou has announced the availability of its award-winning, world-first Artificial Internet of Things (AIoT) home security camera, Ranger IQ. It combines the latest AI and motion tracking technology with a hypermobile camera system and easy-to-use app, delivering premium security at an affordable price. 

  • Ranger IQ is an award-winning AI-enabled smart home security camera
  • Features include human recognition and tracking, Sony Starlight sensor, and built-in abnormal sound detector
  • No blind spots - capable of rotating 355 degrees and tilting 90 degrees for maximum field of vision
  • Compatible with home assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

See, hear, watch and speak with this award-winning, connected, smart home security solution. 


Looking sharp, day or night

Its sleek, spherical design allows the Ranger IQ to rotate 355 degrees and tilt 90 degrees, ensuring every corner of the room is covered, leaving zero blind spots. Android and iOS-compatibility means users can watch, store, and re-watch footage in Full HD, 1080p resolution using Imou’s Cloud service, wherever they have internet access.

The Ranger IQ also offers clear images in low light conditions thanks to the embedded Sony Starlight sensor. This advanced imaging technology offers vivid full-colour streaming even in low-light conditions, without sacrificing image quality when the sun goes down. 


Follows and recognises

The Ranger IQ’s advanced AI human detection software automatically focuses on and quickly identifies and recognises human targets. Additionally, the Ranger IQ can track a target while live streaming and recording simultaneously - logging their movement around your home. It can even distinguish between humans and animals, saving pet owners in particular from false alarms or unnecessary worry.

Using Airfly technology, the Ranger IQ can be connected to Imou’s range of motion detectors, sirens and door sensors. This means it can get to know your home habits, alerting you when it detects unusual activity. It can even be set to deter unwelcome strangers with a built-in siren, and the Two-Way Talk feature is perfect for interacting with pets or visitors who unexpectedly drop by.

In addition to being packed with convenient features, the Ranger IQ also detects abnormal sounds via its built-in siren. This sends users an alert to their smartphone if it hears anything out of the ordinary within the home, such as a baby crying or breaking glass, keeping you aware of what’s going on, even if you’re not there.


“Alexa, show me my camera”

Compatible with smart home assistants including Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant, the Ranger IQ allows users to operate the camera without having to lift a finger. 

But if a homeowner wants some privacy for themselves and their guests, Ranger IQ’s convenient Privacy Mode means one tap automatically lowers the camera’s lens, protecting personal privacy while you’re at home.